Jun 14, 2012

I Make a Lot of Art Work

I make a lot of artwork, but does anyone care? Or enjoy it? Or think its good? Just wondering...... I certainly don't have a career as an artist by any means or measure. And I'm not sure of any pathway to have a career. But I do spend a lot of time thinking, wanting, and finding time to make work. It is about me, it is my enjoyment & frustration: it is the perfect marriage of both. I have no expectation from anyone to meet, no money to make from it, no art discourse to write, nor any market to supply. My art work can change in the blink of the eye -as it did from figurative, to abstract. No justification is needed, it just felt right.

Vertical Rectangle Variations V

Vertical Rectangle Variations V: Three colour print on A5 paper, 2012