Apr 21, 2010

Granny Smith ( 1996 )

Continuing with my posting of earlier art works - that are old enough to make me feel like its someone else's work. Some of them I find embarrassing, but I have made them, so here they are ( including the previous 3 posts ).

Mustard ( 1997 )


Detail from painting 'Black Bird' (1998). From the same series as the previous post: Milky Bar White.

Apr 15, 2010

Milky Bar White.

Detail from a painting  - long since thrown out. From 1998.

Bridge of Remembrance.

This is pretty old - from 1986 when I was a student at Vis Com, Christchurch.  I've kept the photograph as its a great example of a warm toned, fiber based print. I think it was Brovira Speed  - which is a matt paper. The image sits 'in' the paper (instead of sitting upon the emulsion of a coated paper) with the warm tones of the paper coming through the image.