Aug 29, 2009

Conservative NZ

From 2004. Screen-print on paua shell laminate. Shown at Compact Space.

Work copyright of the artist.

Aug 25, 2009

Toilet Art

Above - 'I Think My Work is Kind of Crappy'. And below, 'I Want to be Famous & Exhibit at Gow Langsford.' Screen-print on toilet paper. Both of these were 'rejects' & never exhibited, they are from a body of work titled 'Learner Artist' an exhibition of 2004. ( to view this show go to )

A while back, I remember going to an art opening at the Gow Gallery in Kitchner Street, and needing to use their toilet; in which on the wall was a small framed piece. It presented the in-house joke line 'I want to Be Famous & Exhibit...' Regardless of its origin & context I thought this self parodying was certainly not self-effacing, but quite pretentious. I can imagine Gary Langsford sitting on the toilet & chuckling to himself about this line. 

In some ways the Dealer gallery /artist relationship is akin to Pimp/prostitute, meaning Gow Langsford is really just brothel. In line with this thought;

HOOKER / tired on peddling his wares on the street
( & promises not to sleep around )

Work copyright of the artist.

Aug 15, 2009

Extra Virgin

These shown examples are from a body of work produced from 2002-03. Exhibited in two incarnations -'Your Place or Mine?'  And the latter 'Your Palace of Mine? (Ma'am). I felt much of the artwork too derivative from the sources they were appropriated from - brothel ads & vintage N.Z postage stamps. For me, the works presented in this blog were more successful (despite the kitschiness) because of their simplicity  - perhaps the inherent nature of paper cutouts.

All artwork copyright of the artist

Aug 9, 2009

Heavy Metal

'Heavy Metal' was both the title & framework for a group show. This exhibition was held in 1998 at a Christchurch venue. Using a light sensitive photographic emulsion product to coat the metal block, an image of a metal gate was then printed upon its surface. 

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All artwork copyright of the artist.